Four goals is highest in-game total of the season for FC Tucson

Tucson, AZ (Wednesday, May 23, 2012) — FC Tucson scored very early, and then often in a 4-2 win over National Premier Soccer League side Phoenix Monsoon, in front of 403 fans at Field #5.

And unlike in previous matches, FC Tucson scored ugly.

“It was good to see us score some not-so-fantastic goals,” said FC Tucson head coach Rick Schantz. “The last three matches the goals we’ve scored have been world class. So to score some goals that are ugly, by work rate, is good to see. You need those. You can’t always rely on the world class goal.”

FC Tucson broke open the scoring in the third minute when Matt Linenburger’s header, from a Danny Kirkland corner, found the back of the net. Neither team scored the rest of the first half, but in the second half fans were treated to an offensive explosion.

The Monsoon tied the game two minutes into the second half when Cesar Mexia converted a penalty kick. FC Tucson responded less than ten minutes later when Phillipe Garre broke free from the defense and beat the keeper one-on-one in the 55th minute.

Reid Schmitt added a “pretty” goal in the 61st minute when his free kick from about seven yards outside of the goal box beat the keeper diving to his right.

Kevin King ended the scoring onslaught from FC Tucson when he picked the Phoenix goalkeeper in the box, and finished in the 67th minute.

“Kevin King has gotten back on the score sheet and he has been working hard,” Schantz said. “It’s a positive. It’s a confidence builder. And putting the ball in the back of the net is what everyone wants to see.”

Once the Monsoon settled down, FC Tucson couldn’t add another goal. Phoenix’s Imad Id-Deen scored the final goal of the game in the 73rd minute, but the Monsoon couldn’t take advantage of that momentum.

For FC Tucson, the game was a great way to keep players in game-shape, especially for the college players, according to Schantz.

The head coach said non-league games help the college players stay sharp as they prepare for their fall seasons.

“If I’m going to give them a whole week off and we don’t get this kind of an intense situation in training, we need to get them out on the field,” Schantz said.

Both sides hope this series will eventually turn into a special in-state rivalry and based on Wednesday night’s result, fans of both teams could look forward to exciting games in the future.

“I look forward to playing them again next week,” Schantz said. “Hopefully some day there will be 3,000 people in the stands screaming … and when we go up there I expect them to have a bunch of fans, too.”

‘3 — FC Tucson-Matt Linenberger (Danny Kirkland)
’48 — PHX Monsoon-Cesar Mexia
’55 — FC Tucson-Phillipe Garre (Nick Marshall)
’61 — FC Tucson-Reid Schmitt
’67 — FC Tucson-Kevin King
’73 — PHX Monsoon-Iman Id-Deen

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