FC Tucson sets club record for most goals in a match in all competitions.

By H. Jose Bosch

Tucson, AZ (June 6, 2013) —With less than ten minutes remaining, OC Blues goalkeeper Juan Cervantes, the second goalkeeper of the night for the Blues, looked defeated well before Eli Galbraith-Knapp’s curled shot reached the net.

He and his teammates were long defeated even before that moment.

The shot found the back of the net without challenge and FC Tucson capped off an historic night with a 9-1 win in front of a crowd of 653.

“We talked about it at halftime, we weren’t satisfied with 4-1,” said FC Tucson Head Coach Rick Schantz of the club’s halftime lead. “We were going to keep going.”

FC Tucson’s nine goals is a club record for most goals scored in a match in all competitions, even including the season FC Tucson spent as an independent club in 2010. The previous high in a PDL match was just four goals against the Southern California Seahorses on July 11, 2012.

When the match started there was no indication it would turn into a blowout. Isaac Ikyurav scored the match’s first goal when he tapped in a rebound off a Dakota Collins shot in the 10th minute. Just six minute later, the Blues tied the game thanks to Javier Castro, who took advantage of an FC Tucson defensive miscue in the 16th minute.

The match didn’t remain tied for long because in the 17th minute David Clemens slotted a shot inside the left near post to give FC Tucson a 2-1 lead. The match remained mundane until the 35th minute when the floodgates didn’t just open: they were torn down by an offensive wave.

Connor Brandt and Gabe Silveira shredded the back of the Blues’ net over a 40-plus minute period across both halves. Silveira began the tear in the 35th minute, thanks with an assist from Brandt. Then Brandt knocked in a free kick in the 39th minute. Brandt scored his second goal in the 60th minute and then Silveira finished the run with a goal in the 70th minute.

In a little less than an hour, FC Tucson went from a 2-1 lead to a 6-1 lead, making the outcome of the match a forgone conclusion.

“It feels great,” Silveira said. “We knew we had to win tonight. We came out with a lot of energy. We were flying out offensively and defensively and somehow every shot happened to go in. It was a solid night for us.”

Added Brandt: “It’s nice to get on the score sheet. It’s been six or so games that I haven’t put the ball in the back of the net like I should be and it’s nice to get those two goals and the assist.”

FC Tucson now gets a night off before squaring off against division-leading Fresno Fuego on Saturday, June 8. That match will kick off at 7:30 p.m. Aside from earning a desperately needed three points, Schantz believed this match sent a message.

“We want Fresno to think that when they come to our house that it’s not going to be easy,” Schantz said. “That they’re going to have their hands full. That they’re not going to come in and impose their game on us. They’re going to have to deal with who we have. And I think the result tonight sends a message.”


06.06.2013: Kino North Field 5 — 7:30 P.M.

Attendance: 653


FCT: ‘10, 16- Issac Ikyurav; ‘17, 23- David Clemens; ’35, 25- Gabe Silveira (11- Conner Brandt); ’39, 11-Conner Brandt, ’60, 11-Conner Brandt; ’70, 25- Gabe Silveira; ’78, 8- Conner Bevans(5-Saeed Robinson); ’80, 24- Ryan Felix; ’82, 13- Eli Galbraith

OCB: ‘16, 16- Javier Castro


FCT: 18- Dallas Jaye; 19- Tim Harbison, 21- Greg Carter, 6- Travis Campbell, 17- Edgar Reyna(’70, 22- Kevin Gould); 13- Eli Golbraith-Knapp, 23- David Clemens(’66, 24- Ryan Felix), 16- Issac Ikyurav, 25- Gabe Silveira; 11- Connor Brandt(’70, 8- Connor Bevans), 14- Dakota Collins (‘61,5- Saeed Robinson)

Coach: Rick Schantz

OCB: 22- Luis Mendoza(’45, 1-Juan Cervantes); 15- Dario Aquino, 2- Everett Pitts, 11- Brandon Mulhall, 19- Edgar Gonzalez(’20, 12- Chris Wehan); 16- Javier Castro, 5- Jordan Wolff, 10- Cole Nagy, 4- Mats Bijurman; 18- Luis Fuentes(40’, 8- Gerzon Blanco), 9- Eric Flores(’66, 14- Alex Antunescu)

Coach: Coach V




Sent off



Statistics        FCT OCB

Shots                13     4

Saves                10     2

Fouls                 1        1

Corners            6       2

Offside             5        1

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