Three different players notch goals for FC Tucson; club earns second shutout of the season.

By H. Jose Bosch

Tucson, AZ (July 13, 2013) — At times this season, FC Tucson has lacked good luck and beautiful soccer.

In the club’s 4-0 win over the Los Angeles Misioneros, they had both.

“We’re definitely capable of being a playoff team,” said FC Tucson Head Coach Rick Schantz. “Everybody in the league knew it. We just didn’t get the bounces and tonight that first goal was one of the few times we had a little bit of luck go our way this season.”

Luck came in the form of an own goal.

In the 14th minute, forward Ricardo Velazco curled an in-swinging corner from the left that sailed into the top left corner of the box. That’s when Los Angeles’ Vincent Lucas flicked back a header that would’ve been beautiful only for the fact that he headed it directly into his own net.

FC Tucson’s second goal was anything but luck. Midfielder Gabe Silveira handled the ball toward the endline and found himself standing over it to the right of the net. Just waiting. He finally spotted Velazco streaking toward the middle of the box. Silveira slotted his pass, hit Velazco in stride and the forward slammed a shot passed a diving goalkeeper to make it 2-0 just before halftime.

“It’s all about heart right now and dedication and about the team’s effort,” Velazco said. “And all these people that come out and watch us, we have to give them a show and give them our best performance.”

The third goal of the match was a solo act. In the 58th minute, forward Dakota Collins had the ball and was driving down the left side of the field. He spotted the goalkeeper off his line and looped a high arcing shot that sailed over the keeper and into the far side netting.

For its final tally, FC Tucson relied on a Velazco corner again but this time he found a teammate instead of an opposing player. Max Ornstil kicked out from the scrum to find Velazco’s corner and kicked it directly off the volley and straight into the right upper 90 for the fourth goal of the match.

“It feels awesome,” Ornstil said. “I haven’t scored in awhile and to score a goal like that in front of this crowd with a game like this, it couldn’t have been better.”


07.13.2013: Kino North Field 5 — 7:30 P.M.

Attendance: 1,022


FCT: ’14, 19-Vincent Lucas (OG); ’44, 9-Ricardo Velazco (25-Gabe Silveira), ’58, 14-Dakota Collins, ’67, 12-Max Ornstil (9-Ricardo Velazco)


FCT: 18-Dallas Jaye; 13- Eli Galbraith-Knapp (’89, Ryan Felix), 19-Tim Harbison (’65, 4-Ivan Garcia), 17-Edgar Reyna; 6-Travis Campbell; 12-Max Ornstil, 25-Gabe Silveira (’52, 7-Carlos Montes), 15-Stephen Posa (’63, 11-Conner Brandt), 9-Ricardo Velzco (’16, Isaac Ikyurav); 14-Dakota Collins, 5-Saeed Robinson (’45 23-David Clemens).

Coach: Rick Schantz

LAM: 1-Sheldon Steenhuis (’45, 0-Matthew Malak); 13-Christian King, 4-Angel De Alba, 5-Jose Ortega, 15-Cruz Hernandez (’86, Justin Coleman); 8-Rene Anquiano, 10-Chris Smith (‘73, 18-Hector Romo), 2-Enrique Cardenas (’63, 14-Alberto Garcia); 19-Vincent Lucas (‘45, 9-Tony Sandoval), 21-Cesar Samaniego (’83, 3-Chim Mez), 16-Kyrian Nwabueze.

Coach: Ever Morataya


FCT — ’47, 17-Edgar Reyna, ’52, 25-Gabe Silveira, ’47, 17-Edgar Reyna, ’52, 25-Gabe Silveira, ’78, 23-David Clemens, ’83, 4-Ivan Garcia

LAM — ’30, 15-Cruz Hernandez, ’32, 4-Angel De Alba, ’78, 9-Tony Sandoval, ’78, 5-Jose Ortega

Sent off


LAM — ’47, 16-Kyrian Nwabueze

Statistics  FCT         LAM

Shots          17              6

Saves          2               8

Fouls          17              12

Corners      6               2

Offside      3                3

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