Saeed Robinson and Bo Bechtel notch goals.

Phoenix, AZ (Saturday, April 6, 2013) — FC Tucson’s Bo Bechtel had never played left back. But for the second half of FC Tucson’s 2-2 draw with UC Riverside head coach Rick Schantz played the usual-midfielder along the back line.
Not only did he play well, Bechtel even scored a highlight-worthy goal.

“It was neat,” Bechtel said. “I want to play for FC Tucson so to be able to play that whole second half and score was pretty cool. I’m happy about.”

With the match tied at one, FC Tucson was continually pressing the Riverside back line. During a scramble for the ball, Bechtel found himself with space just beyond the top of the box with the ball, and some defenders, coming at him. He took a touch and with the ball still in the air the left back swung his leg and fired a thunderous shot into the top left corner of the net to give FC Tucson the 2-1 lead in the 70th minute.

“I’m good at volleys from long distance and I had a crack at it and just let it fly,” Bechtel said.
The electric goal injected energy into what was otherwise an uneventful match. Throughout the first half neither team kept possession effectively and neither had a lot of scoring chances. FC Tucson had the best opportunity in the 33rd minute when Milos Dragic’s diving header went wide right of the frame.

The match’s first goal wouldn’t come until the second half when FC Tucson’s Saeed Robinson found the back of the net in the 49th minute. But UC Riverside’s Rueben Valencia tied the match in the 57th minute, setting up Bechtel’s eventual go-ahead goal. Riverside salvaged the draw in the 83rd minute with a diving header of their own.

“Overall the decision-making was good,” Schantz said. “I wasn’t disappointed at all. It was everything we wanted.”

FC Tucson: ’49, Saeed Robinson; ’70, Bo Bechtel
UC Riverside: ’57, Rueben Valencia; ’88, N/A

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