Match ends Desert Friendlies presented by FC Tucson

Tucson, AZ (Friday, February 8, 2013) — The difference between FC Tucson and the Portland Timbers was evident the entire match in Portland’s 3-0 win over the PDL side.

“Boy, you know, (head coach Caleb Porter) is doing a great job with Portland and those guys they really move off the ball so well,” said FC Tucson head coach Rick Schantz. “You can see a big difference (and) at one point I made a comment to my staff; I said “Look at how big they are compared to our team.” It was a pro team against a PDL team and it was really, really evident.”

Heading into the friendly, FC Tucson hoped to provide the same kind of challenge the team gave Sporting KC in a 1-1 draw on January 29. But just three minutes into the match, Portland’s Hanyer Mosqura headed in a free kick into the top right corner of the net to give the Timbers 1-0 lead.

According to Schantz, that quick goal changed FC Tucson’s tactics and the club spent most of the match on its heels while Portland controlled possession.

“I think when you play dominant soccer, which is what we are trying to play, I think you’re the deciding team,” said Portland Timbers coach Caleb Porter. “That means the opponent in a day like today is irrelevant because we are looking for dominant play, on the ball, possession, sharpness, control, (and) intelligence.

We challenged ourselves by trying to push the game, push the tempo, control and dominate the game and then press when we lose it.”

POR: ‘3, 33-Hanyer Mosqura, ’31, 24-Sebastian Rincon (7-Sal Zizzo), ’86, 15-Steven Evans.

FCT: 1-Brian Holt, 3-Conor Spence (’35, 20-Ryan Cadigan), 6-Travis Campbell, 7-Reid Schmitt (’42, 12-N/A, ’64, Vlastimir Davidivic), 8-Max Alvarez (’41, 16-Junior Gbapo. ’64, 23-Milos Dragic)-, 9-Donny Toia (’74, 4-CJ Kaufman), 10-Tyler Wilson, 13-Matt Linenberger (’39 5-Michael Kraus), 14-Kareem Smith, 21-Edgar Reyna, 2-Malcolm Agulas (’75, 24-Demar Stewart)

TD: Rick Schantz

POR: 26-David Meves, 18-Ryan Kawulok, 33-Hanyer Mosquera (’45, 98-Futty Danso), 25-Dylan Tucker-Gangnes, 15-Steven Evans, 11-Kalif Alhassann (’45, 22-Rodney Wallace), 23-Mobi Fehr, 42- Michael Nanchoff, 24-Sebastian Rincon, 7-Sal Zizzo (’45, 10-Danny Mwanga), 20-Jose Valencia.

TD: Caleb Porter

FCT — ’56, 6-Travis Campbell (Caution)

Sent off

Statistics   FCT    POR
Shots            6        14
Saves            7         3
Fouls            6         12
Corners       1          8
Offside        0         2

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