Dear fans,

We at FC Tucson take pride in living in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. And part of the perks of living in Tucson, Arizona, is that the weather is near perfect almost all of the time. Unfortunately today is not near perfect.

Despite the rain and the weather forecast, today’s Canada-Denmark match will be played as scheduled.

While we wish we could’ve arranged better weather (seriously, Mother Nature never returns her calls) we suggest that you still come out to watch a great soccer match and embrace this historic day in Tucson sports history.

Gene Kelly once sang, “I’m singing in the rain/Just singing in the rain/What a glorious feelin’/I’m happy again.”

Well, we’ll be playing in the (maybe) rain and when the referee blows his whistle and the ball is kicked off, all the familiar sights and sounds of soccer will overshadow everything else.

And we’ll be happy again.

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